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Paghahanda is referred to as the training and conditioning aspect of Arnis that prepares both the mind and the body to develop reaction, reflex and randomness.
This is one of the most crucial and critical part of Arnis that is often neglected or taken aside, the mind and the body needs to be properly prepared before training, neglecting it could mean inefficiency and injury.
Guerrero Arnis de mano training sessions always starts with the proper stretching, warm up and conditioning exercises that tackles the upper body, core and footwork.
To develop techniques and capabilities, different methods and variations of training is deployed such as:
A. Abecidario
B. Contrada
C. Sumbrada
D. Numerada
E. Laro
F. Simulations
F. Drills such as Sinawali, Hubud, and other random drills

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We train every Saturdays at Safra Punggol

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