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Pagbuno, also commonly called as Dumog or Buno, is the locking, throwing, out balancing and grappling aspect of Arnis.  Pagbuno does not necessarily start at the ground but can be initiated from standing position leading to ground work.
What makes Filipino Pagbuno or Dumog different is it's awareness of the weapon ( the presence as well as the absence of it) when executing locks, throws, grappling and other techniques.
Techniques that are involved in Pagbuno are the following (not exhaustive):
A. Out balancing 
B. Locks (mga bali)
C. Pressure points 
D. Throws (mga bato)
E. Grappling (Buno)
F. Body hacks (mga bangga)
G. Foot hacks (mga patid)
H. Integration with weapons

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