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Panandyakan is the kicking and foot control aspect of Arnis.  "Kick" or "to kick" in Tagalog are commonly termed as "sipa", "sikad", "tadyak" thus from the root word the kicking art can also be called as Pagsipa (from sipa), Sikaran (from sikad) and Panandyakan (from tadyak).
As opposed to other kicking art, Panandyakan employs mostly low line kicks in awareness of the presence of weapons which may severe the legs if high kicks are deployed. 
Below techniques are commonly deployed in low line Panandyakan:
A. Knee
B. Stomps and smash of feet
C. Low line kicks
D. Out balancing and tripping
E. Knee and ankle breaks
F. Integration of kicks with weapons (sipa y sandata)
G. Defense against weapons
H. Defence against kicks (sipa contra sipa)

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