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Panuntukan is the hand to hand combat aspect of Arnis, it is also called as Mano y Mano (Hand and hand), suntok (punch), suntukan (punching exchange).  More contemporarily, this has been referred to as Filipino Boxing or Dirty boxing due to its informal, unruly and opportunistic nature to achieve better leverage in combat or street fight self-defense situations.
Techniques deployed in Panuntukan includes:
A. Strikes using punches, elbows, auxiliary strikes (suntok, siko)
B. Block and counter 
C. Evasion (ilag)
D. Catching and grabbing (dakip)
E. Limb destructions (guntings)
F. Integration of weapons and empty-hands (Mano y sandata)
F. Empty hands vs. weapons (Mano contra sandata)
G. Self-Defence scenarios (knife point hold-ups, hugs, grabs, etc...)

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