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Panandata or weaponry is the aspect of Arnis that utilises weapons for combat and self-Defence.  Arnis weapons can be sub-divided into 5 main categories: 
1. Blunt weapons (impact weapons) that includes sticks or baston, dulo dulo, tapado (Long pole), clubs.
2. Bladed weapons (edged weapons) that includes swords, knifes, karambit
3. Retractable or flexible weapons such as whips, ropes, etc..
4. Projectile weapons such as bow and arrows (pana), blown weapons (sumpit), spears and thrown and retracted weapons
5. Improvised weapons that makes us of daily utilities such as handerchief, sarong, shirts, belts among others.
Panandata implements the utilisation of weapons through:
A. A system of double weapons of same length such as Doble baston, Doble bolo, Doble Daga. 
B. A system of one Long and one short such baston y Daga, baston y dulo, Espayada y Daga
C. A system of one weapon - such as solo baston, solo bolo, Daga
D. A system of extreme Long and extreme short weapons - such as tapado, dulo-dulo, karambit
E. A system of Improvisation - converting daily utilities such as keys, pen, phone, hand bag, umbrella, chopsticks, shoes, slippers, shirts, belts into self-Defence implements.
To facilitate safe training, padded and/or dummy versions of the above weapons are used during training.
Techniques that are involved in Panandata are (not exhaustive):
A. Strikes (palo)
B. Blocks (salag or sangha)
C. Counter (Kontra or ganti)
D. Controls
E. Out balancing
F. Disarmament (disarma)
G. Locking 
H. Throwing


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