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Multi-Weapon System

One of the pillar of Arnis is called as Panandata or weaponry.  Panandata is the utilisation of different kinds of Long, medium and short forms of weapons such sticks, Long pole, knives and daggers, karambit, bolos, kampilan, Mano y Mano (empty hands) etc..
Panandata implements the utilisation of weapons through:
 A. A system of double weapons of same length such as Doble baston, Doble bolo, Doble Daga. 
 B. A system of one Long and one short such baston y Daga, baston y dulo, Espayada y Daga
 C. A system of one weapon - such as solo baston, solo bolo, Daga
 D. A system of extreme Long and extreme short weapons - such as tapado, dulo-dulo, karambit
 E. A system of Improvisation - converting daily utilities such as keys, pen, phone, hand bag, umbrella, chopsticks, shoes, slippers, shirts, belts into self-Defence implements.
Weapon combination for Arnis, Kali, Eskrima can be categorised into:
A. Doble Baston - double sticks
B. Espada y Daga - sword and dagger
C. Solo Baston - single stick 
D. Balaraw - knife
E. Mano y Mano - empty hand
Advantages of multi-weapon system
Adaptation of techniques
Contrary to common knowledge that Arnis is only a weapon art, Arnis is trained using weapons leading to empty hands. This is done through "adaptation of techniques" were a same technique can be applied or adapted to different weapon combinations.
Common misconceptions regarding multi-weapon system:
A. One weapon is hard to learn, how much more five 
   This is true if you will try to learn the weapons separately, however, if the concept of adaptation is applied one weapon technique can be converted or adapted to another weapon combination.
B. Dexterity vs Complementing
    Dexterity is having the left hand do what the right hand can do, while complementing applies the concept of live hand where the weaker hand becomes the live hand to complement the stronger hand. Both has its advantage and application, multi-weapon uses both approach to train the Arnis practitioner.
C. In actuality it's hard to find one weapon all the more two
    Yes, in real life you may not be carrying weapons to defend yourself, however, you can utilize whatever is with you and what is available in the environment to your advantage, this is were the concept of adaption comes into play again, if you manage to get hold of 2 sticks, then use the technique using 2 sticks, if only one, then use the same technique using 1 stick, if none, then use the same technique using bare hands.

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