11 May

Multi-Style System

What is multi-style?
There are different styles (Estilo) or systems (sistema) in Arnis, Kali, Eskrima.  Style is defined as "a particular procedure by which something is done; a manner or way".  In arnis, a style is the way a weapon is handled such that striking, blocking, countering, disarming, locking, throwing can be done.
Common styles in Arnis are:
  1. Slashing style or systems this include Figure 8, Rompida, Banda y Banda styles.  This style focuses on the slashing movements and can be categorised as Long range styles.
  2. Circular style or system - this includes Redonda, Doblete ssystems. This style focuses on circular motion of the wrist leading to the circular motion of the weapon. This style can still be categorised as Long range styles.
  3. Snaps and Fanning style or systems - this includes Witik, Abaniko, Tumbada systems.  This style focuses mainly on snap strikes and blocks and can be categorised as medium range styles
  4. Thrust and butt styles or systems - this includes Punyo and Punya systems that focuses on the tip and butt parts of the weapon. This styles are categorised as mid-to-close range styles.
Other uncommon styles or systems that are rarely practised are the:
  1. Hybrid styles or system - this includes Sungketi and Arko system which are primarily combination of 2 systems (e.g.  Sungketi is a combination of thrust and slash systems).  Both Sungketi and Arko are categorised as medium-to-Long styles.
  2. Slice and scrape styles and systems
  3. Garote systems
  4. Widow systems 
Comparison between single style and multi-style systems:
- possibility to utilise different striking, blocking and countering styles
- utilises different ranges
- adaptive, uses different styles depending on the range the practitioner is in
Single style
- focuses primarily one style of striking, blocking and countering
- focused on specific range
- needs to be within applicable range to execute the technique
The comparison by no means defines which is better or not, what s superior or inferior, it is to give an objective differentiation.  
Myth around multi-style system
  1. Single system takes time to learn, how much more if you learn multi-system - this statement is true if you learn each system separately, however, if you have a consolidated method of instruction and training this will facilitate mastery of the multi-style
  2. Multi-system is harder to learn - in fact, all systems be it single or multi-style will take time and effort to learn and practice. The same amount of dedication and passion is given regardless of single or multi-style systems.

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