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About the Founder

As a child, Guro Guerrero has been intrigued and fascinated with Arnis, seeing it being practiced by his Father, uncles and cousins (who was then Barangay Tanods -  a local patrolling personnel carrying rattan sticks who serves the community on a voluntary basis) he has been lured by the fluid and gorgeous movements of Arnis during training and demonstrations.
Not until the age of 16 when he was able to get a Physical Education subject called Arnis 1 that he was able to formally learn Arnis at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
On the first 6 months of his learning, the try-outs for the PUP Arnis Varsity was announced on which he immediately signed up.  From that day onwards he has continuously seek, learned and practiced Arnis.
Under the guidance of now Grand Master Luz Arroyo, Guro Guerrero is one of the varsity players that represented the PUP Arnis Varsity in different Schools, Colleges and University tournaments as well as local and international tournaments that were organized by the National Arnis Association of the Philippines (NARAPHIL), Arnis Philippines (ARPHI) and the International Arnis Federation (IAF).
"Becoming an Arnis Varsity player in PUP is hard, but maintaining it is even harder.  It takes time, passion and dedication. You have to train 3 times a week and each session is 3 to 4 hours of hard training. You have to do this while also maintaining good academic standing and earning Gold and Silver medals or titles for the University as part of the pre-requisite.
Coach Luz Arroyo, is a strict, straightforward and disciplined coach.  If you are not on top of your game, then you are out of the game.
It is through this week-in and week-out of tournaments (literary every week then we have tournaments at the Nayong Pilipino grounds at Pasay City, Philippines) and engagements that I got to see different authentic Arnis systems, was able to learn from different Grand Masters through exchanges and was able to study different systems while developing strategies to countering them (remember the objective is not just to learn their system but to counter it - this is how we win Gold for the school)" according to Guro Guerrero
After university in 1996 until 2006, Guro Guerrero continued to learn different styles and systems of Arnis by joining different mainstream groups with the objective of knowing the roots and establishing himself in the art.
"In PUP Arnis Varsity, our training was very scientific and athletic geared towards tournament style which is good for developing speed and agility, while joining traditional and classical Arnis groups opened my awareness to other aspects of Arnis and it's roots"
On 2007, Guro Guerrero went to Singapore and founded Guerrero Arnis de Mano (then United Arnis), which is one of the pioneering Arnis school in Singapore.
He has been continuously propagating the art of Arnis, Kali, Eskrima in Singapore by conducting weekly classes, workshops, seminars and demonstrations in coordination with different organizations.
"My goal is to propagate the Filipino Martial Arts to Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike and to impart not only the art but also the richness of the Filipino history, heritage and culture".

About GADM

Premier Arnis, Kali, Eskrima school in Singapore

We train every Saturdays at Safra Punggol

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  • General Training 3:00p.m - 4:00p.m
  • Per Level 4:00p.m - 5:00p.m
  • High Performance 5:00p.m - 6:00p.m

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